Frequently Asked Questions

How low will it take to receive my order?

Licensed logos, whether customized or standard, are available to download and use immediately upon order.

Framed and desktop awards should arrive to you within 10-15 business. Heavily customized items may require longer.

Reprints, eprints, logoed marketing materials (banners, counter cards…) typically ship within 5 business days. 

What can be done to customize my order?

Most items are customizable to include your company’s name and key award information at no extra charge.  If your needs or vision call for modifications, do let us know – we’re likely able to help.

If, for instance, you’d like to change the information typed engraved on a medallion, simply click the “I need help or want special customization” button on the customize screen and submit a request. Your content marketing specialist will be in touch with you to help you complete your order

Past tailored offerings have ranged from custom frame and matting and personalized tradeshow banners, to racecar decals and movie billboard ads.

Why is it necessary to secure a license?

Over the years Inc. and Fast Company, symbols, logos and trademarks have become high-impact iconography that quickly tell stories of passion, success, innovation and noteworthiness.

The MV Licensing programs were established to ensure that these valuable properties are used properly and, to those who chose to leverage their power, to ensure that all who contributed get to participate in the value that was created.  Content and logos can be used for:  Advertising & Marketing; Website Enhancement; Corporate Literature, Newsletters & Annual Reports; Trade Show Signage & Leave Behinds; Franchise Development; Direct Mail / Email; Point-of-Sale Marketing; Education, Training & Recruiting Materials.

Businesses and publications wishing to utilize Inc. and Fast Company logos or content should be aware of MV Licensing’s policies and procedures. We hope you will find the information helpful.

Is MV Licensing a new company? How do I renew past licenses or re-order awards?

MV Licensing is a new unit within Mansueto Ventures, Inc. and Fast Company’s parent company. All past Inc. or Fast Company orders and licenses are on record with MV Licensing and can easily be renewed through us (although some specific frame or award styles might no longer be available). 

It should be noted that we are thankful for, and grateful to, our prior longtime partners at The YGS Group.

How do I order magazine back issues?

For issues related to awards programs, consult that program’s related offerings and click on the “commemorative issues” product.

For other Inc. or Fast Company magazine issues, please contact or

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